What to do if your maid runs away?

My maid is missing / My maid has run away, what should I do?

It is definitely worrying to for an employer to discover that his/her maid is nowhere to be found. Especially with our strict laws and the $5000 security bond placed with the government of Singapore is at stake, amongst other concerns.

While we are not able to control the act of your maid running away, it is always good to be prepared and have the knowledge on what can be done when your maid runs away.

This article highlights the immediate actions to take on suspicion or confirmation that your foreign domestic worker (FDW) has ran away using the ESPC Framework. 

maid run away

(1) Establish that she has
ran away

On suspicion that your helper has run away, one of the first things to do is to check her room and see if her belongings are still there; if her personal belongings (especially passport, wallet and handphone) are still there, chances are she will be back. On the contrary, if her belongings are gone, then it would be reasonable to establish or assume that she has indeed run away. At this juncture, you should also call her mobile phone to try and reach her if you haven’t already done so.

Additional step: You may also wish to check and ensure that all your belongings are intact.

(2) Start the Search

§  Contact Maid Agency
The next immediate action would be to contact your maid agency, in case your FDW has ran back to the maid agency. This will also allow the maid agency to help keep a lookout on your helper and inform you should she appear at their premises. Your agency will also be able to advise you on their end.

§  Check with your maid’s friends
You should also check with your neighbours/neighbours’ maid if they have last seen your maid or if they have any clue on your maid’s whereabouts. If you know your helper’s friends, it may also help by calling them to check. You should also do a search around your estate to see if she is roaming around.

§  Check with FDW Shelters and Organisations
If your maid still can’t be found despite the various means to search for her, you should contact the shelters and organisations for Foreign Domestic Workers to check if she has sought refuge with them. They will also be put on alert and inform you should your helper approach them.
-Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (H.O.M.E)
Tel.: +65 6345 6441 | Website: home.org.sg | Email: contact@home.org.sg

-Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE)
Tel.: 1800 2255 233 | Website: cde.org.sg

-Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (FAST)
Tel.: +65 6509 1535 | Website: fast.org.sg | Email: contact@fast.org.sg

 Embassy Contact Details

-Embassy of The Philippines
Tel.: 6737 3977 | 20 Nassim Road Singapore 258395 | Website: http://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg/

-Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Tel.: 6737 7422 | 7 Chatsworth Road Singapore 249761 | Website: https://kemlu.go.id/singapore/en

-Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Tel.: 67350209, 67351672, 67355263, 67356576 | 15, ST. Martin’s Drive, Singapore 257996 | Website: http://www.myanmarembassy.sg/

-High Commission of India
Tel.: 6737 6777 | 31 Grange Road Singapore 239702 | Website: https://www.hcisingapore.gov.in/

(3) File a Police Report

You should file a police report if your maid is still not found after reasonable efforts to locate her. The police will be able to investigate and find out if your maid has left the country.

(4) Cancel her Work Permt

Lastly, you must contact the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) within 7 days of your maid being missing. This can be done by cancelling her Work Permit (WP).

Ministry of Manpower
Tel.: 6438 5122 | 1500 Bendemeer Road Singapore 339946 | www.mom.gov.sg

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