I want to transfer

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“I want to transfer” or “I want to change employer”, “can you help?”

These are some very common questions that we get as an employment agency in Singapore.

However, before answering the above question on “I want to transfer, can you help me?”  we would often seek to understand from the candidates why are they looking for a transfer. 

We encourage candidates to try their best at their jobs and if there are any issues, do speak to your employer openly and share the challenges that you are facing. Most times, many issues can be solved over a heart-to-heart talk. 

I want to change Employer, can you help me?

While we strongly encourage candidates to complete their contractual obligations to their employers, we understand that there are instances where staying on in the employment may be really tough and if really need be, a change of employment should be seen as a last resort.

Yes – As a licensed employment agency in Singapore, we will be able to assist you should you need to find an employer. 

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Perhaps you have already decided that you would like to transfer or find a new job, but bear in mind that while you are still in employment, you are strongly advised to continuing doing your job well.

What documents are required for transfer?

  1. Consent to Transfer (to be signed by current employer)
  2. A copy of your passport (for sighting purpose) 

Why does my employer need to sign the Consent to Transfer?

There is no direct answer to this question. However, a quick guess would be because you are able to enter/remain in Singapore for employment because your employer applied for your In-Principal Approval (IPA). As such, in order for you to transfer to a new employer, you are required to seek the consent of your current employer.

The Consent to Transfer is also casually known to many as Release Letter or Release Paper.

Note: All candidates are strongly encouraged to complete their contractual obligations with their employers. The information provided on this page is merely for the purpose of providing information only. GM Connection Pte Ltd and its staff disclaims any liability and shall not be held responsible in any way in connection with the use of the information provided.