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Should I Hire a Transfer Maid?

Apart from hiring a maid who is arriving directly from her home country, employers can and should also consider hiring transfer maids who are already in Singapore.

Transfer maids are helpers who are currently residing in Singapore. They are currently employed but they have the consent of their present employers to seek for employment in a new household. 

Here are some considerations to take when deciding to hire a Transfer Maid in Singapore.


Some employers may have urgent needs for the maids to join their household. Hence, they will look into transfer maids as the hiring process time is generally shorter as compared to maids who are still in their home country.


There are also employers who prefer to meet the maids in person to conduct the interview face-to-face.  As such, transfer maids will allow for it.


There are many valid reasons for why maids are on transfer. It is important that employers who want to engage transfer maids ask for the reasons for their transfer. This will help employers make an informed decision if the maid will be a suitable help.

Here are some common reasons for maids transferring:

  • Renegotiate Salary Remuneration

Similar to employee in the workforce, maids also consider their remuneration package when renewing their contracts. Some maids may want to seek a higher salary which their current employer may not be able to offer them hence they had to seek a new employer who is able to meet their expected remuneration.


  • No longer needed in the household

Due to changes in household needs and requirements, some maids’ job may be made redundant. For example, a maid who was taking care of a toddler may not be needed when the employer decides to put the toddler in a full day Child Care Centre.


  • Expatriates Relocating

Some maids who work with expatriate households will have to seek for new employers when their expatriate employers decide to relocate out of Singapore.


  • Mismatch of Job Expectations

Either party- Employer or Maid may find each other not suitable despite several attempts in trying to work out the employment relationship. This may lead to the decision to not continue with the employment. It is common that a maid may not workout in their present household but still moves on to excel in the next household.

After reading this article, we hope that you have gained some insights and confidence in making your hiring decision of a transfer helper. Should you require further assistance, do feel free to contact us.

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