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Useful Information for FDW Employers

Are you an employer or prospective employer looking to hire Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)? If you are, then you may find that the information provided on this page to be useful. 

In this page, we look towards providing answers and clarifying doubts that FDW employers may have pertaining to employing a maid in Singapore.  

We look towards providing answers to questions such as “Should I employ a maid?” and things to look out for in getting maid insurance.

In addition, we also share information which are not covered in the Employer Orientation Programme (EOP)

Apart from the useful information for FDW employers, we also share tips on how to forge a good working relationship between employers and maids. As trivial as it may seem, it is important to keep your helper positive and motivated. Why? Because only with a good working relationship and environment you can be rest assured that matters at home are taken care of, thereby allowing you focus at work and tackle all the important matters.

Take time to scroll and go through. We hope you find the information useful. If you still have questions and doubts do feel free to contact us

Hiring a maid in Singapore

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