Transfer Maids in Singapore

Transfer maid in Singapore

What is Transfer Maid?

Transfer maids refer to maids who are currently already residing in Singapore and are seeking a new employment, for a variety of reasons.

Are Transfer Maids good?

This is a very subjective question wherein there will never be a direct answer. While some employers are completely in favour of hiring Transfer Maids, others will shun them at all means. Ultimately, it depends on your and your household’s preference. 

As a reliable maid agency, what we do is that we will carefully screen each candidate before onboarding them. After which each candidate is individually profiled. That allows us to understand each maid’s strengths and weaknesses. With that, we can effectively match them to you. After all, each household is unique with different requirements. As part of our screening, one key document that we study is the maid FDW employment history. Find out more here

Screening & Profiling

Each candidate is screened and individually profiled so we can better match them to you.

Transfer Processing

Full coordination & facilitation will be done to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Maid Insurance

Arrange for Maid insurance and Security Bond.

Why Hire FDW Transfer Maids in Singapore?

One of the biggest reason for hiring transfer maids is because of the time factor. Transfer maids are typically hired faster as compared to helpers coming from home country as they are already in Singapore.

Another big reason to consider employing a transfer maid in Singapore is because a face-to-face interview option is usually available. This is especially helpful for employers who prefer to meet up with the helper face-to-face.

Other common reasons for employers to employer a transfer maid include the preference for a experienced maid, so there is no need to begin from ground zero. Finally, the initial costs associated with employing a transfer maid in Singapore is generally lower*. This is especially true with the present COVID-19 measures. Myanmar maids, Indonesian maids, Filipino maids and also Indian maids flying in from the home country are required to serve a Stay-Home Notice (SHN) at a dedicated facility and is required to take the required COVID-19 tests on arrival. There are costs required for the SHN and COVID-19 tests.

*in relation to hiring a maid from home country.