Maid Work Permit Renewal

Free maid contract renewal service

Renew Maid Work Permit

Are you looking to renew maid work permit? Congratulations! Chances are things have been going well and it was a successful placement. Therefore, we will also like to further share your joy by providing a FREE maid work permit renewal service to you! 

Yes, there will be absolutely ZERO service fee from you!   

However, we will need you to cover the cost-to-cost components: MOM renewal fee of $35.00 and also pick a maid insurance from us. It is that simple! No gimmicks, no catch, no hidden fees.

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On receiving the Renewal Notification Letter from MOM (usually 8 weeks before the expiry WP), contact us. ​


Select a maid insurance package that best suits you/your helper’s needs from our list.


Sit back and relax. We’ll update you as soon as the renewal process is completed!

Note: 1. Free/zero work permit renewal service fee refers to no agent services fee only. The cost-to-cost components of MOM Work Permit Renewal fee ($35.00) and Maid Insurance apply. 2. To be eligible for the free/zero work permit renewal service, you are required to get the maid insurance through GM Connection Pte Ltd (18C9275)’s appointed insurance broker; this is to ensure ease of transaction. 3. This free/zero renewal service fee is available for a limited time only. GM Connection Pte Ltd reserves to modify/change and discontinue any or all of this free/zero work permit renewal service at its discretion without prior notice. You are encouraged to check with GM Connection Pte Ltd.