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Myanmar Transfer Maids

We are an established maid agency in Singapore specialising in Myanmar transfer maids.


What do you mean by “Transfer” maids?

Well, transfer maids essentially refer to maids who are already in Singapore and are looking for a re-employment. It is termed “Transfer” by virtue of its process; the helper who is currently in the employment of her current employer is transferred to another employer. 

Any tips on hiring?

It is of paramount importance that prospective employers know why the maid is transferring. As a trusted and reliable maid agency, we take much pride in our work and a lot of effort in screening, taking in only candidates that meets our requirements; we do not accept every candidate. Each candidate is meticulously profiled. As a result, we are able to better match them based on their abilities and your requirements. 

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Why Hire a Transfer Maid?

We encounter this question quite a fair bit. Indeed, why hire a transfer maid over a new maid or experienced maid from the home country?

Well for varying reasons, these are the top 4 common reasons that people hire a Transfer Maid:

1. Fast Availability
Firstly, in comparison to bringing a helper from her home country, transfer maids are typically available faster as they are already in Singapore.

2. Lower hiring costs
Secondly, the initial costs associated with hiring a transfer maid is generally lower (as compared to hiring a candidate from home country). Some costs that employers typically save on include the mandatory Settling-in-Programme (SIP), mandatory pre-employment medical examination which would otherwise have already been completed. 

3. Face-to-Face Interviews
Thirdly, with the helper available in Singapore, a face-to-face interview is usually available. This is a plus point for prospective employers who prefers to have a face-to-face meet up with the helper.

4. Experience
Finally, transfer helpers typically have working experience in Singapore and are already exposed to the general working pace here. So you will have one less concern over the helper having zero knowledge of the expectations of working in Singapore or operating of common appliances. That said, each household is unique. You are still strongly encouraged to give her time and space to learn and adapt accordingly.