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Are you looking for a Myanmar maid agency? Or looking to employ a Myanmar maid in Singapore? GM Connection is best known for being a Myanmar Maid Agency, having built strong partnerships with our trusted maid training centres and maid agencies in Myanmar.

We take pride in our work and execute our duties professionally. As such, each candidate is individually profiled and evaluated before we decide if they meet our requirements to be shortlisted as a candidate of GM Connection. 

Things to take note of when Employing Myanmar Maids

Understand that the maid comes from a different cultural background and ethnicity group. In addition, in Myanmar, the first language is not English. Thus, most of the candidates who come here for the first time will require time to adapt to our environment as well as pick up English. 

Also, the maids from Myanmar are by and large good natured and are usually soft-spoken. Your maid may be shy to voice out if she is uncomfortable (or unsure) with certain things. Hence, it is important to ensure that she either understands some of the given instructions or comfortable with arrangements made etc.

New-to-Singapore candidates are usually briefed on what to expect. They also undergo a compulsory Settling-in-Programme (SIP) held by MOM accredited training providers. At SIP, they will be provided with a brief orientation on the Dos and Don’ts as well as the safety aspect on what to look out for, amongst some of the topics that will be covered. It is a full day course conducted in the native language of your helper. It is useful for the candidates as it provides them a basic knowledge on what to expect etc. Though a large part will still require the employer to guide their helpers through.

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