Maid Off Day Salary

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What is my maid off day salary? How much should I pay my maid if she does not go for her off day? What is my maid’s salary per day?

Here, we will provide you the answers that you need along with the maid off day calculator to assist you in the calculations.

Calculating Maid Off Day Salary

In calculating your maid’s off day salary, here some key information to know:
a. Each Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) / maid is entitled to one off day per week.
b. It is assumed that there are 4 weeks per month and therefore 4 off days per month
c. There are 26 working days per month (based on the In-Principle Approval or IPA)
d. Each month is assumed to have 30 days (consistent with b and c, above)

In calculating the off day salary for your maid, it is important to determine the salary per day, and therefore based on the above parameters, the formula is:
Total Salary ÷ (30 Days – Number of Off Days) = Salary Per Day

*Click here is to view an illustration on how the salary is counted

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