After shortlisting a helper, the next step is to conduct the interview. While a very minority of employers would decide not to interview the candidate, we at GM Connection highly recommend a video call with our candidates so that both parties are able to see each other, get better clarity and thus assess and evaluate; the employer will be able to decide if the helper is someone that he/she is looking for and also describe the job scope to the candidate. On the helper’s end, she will be able to ask and clarify doubts. This is important, as we view this as an important part of the hiring process in ensuring successful job matching.

Stuck on the type of questions to ask? Here are some sample interview questions of various categories.

1. What is your name?
2. How old are you?
3. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
4. What is your religion?
5. What is your education level?
6. What is your father/mother working as?


1.1 Are you able to take care of children/elderly? (If yes, proceed to 1.2 to 1.4)
1.2 How old were the children/elderly that you were taking care of?
1.3 What did you do when you took care of child(ren)/elderly? 
1.4 Was the elderly that you took care of, able to walk?

2.1 Are you able to cook? 
2.2 Can you tell me what are you able to cook?
2.3 Are you able to cook using recipes or youtube videos?
2.4 Do you enjoy cooking?

3.1 Do you know how to use the washing machine / dryer?


  • General Approach: Describe the duties briefly to the candidate e.g.: In the house, there are 3 members – Sir, madam, and our son, 8 years old. Your job is to take care of 8 years old boy, do housework, cleaning, washing, laundry and also cooking. Can you do that?
  • Detailed Schedule: (Example)
    -You will wake up at 6am in the morning, wash up and prepare the breakfast
    -6.45am: Wake my son 
    -7.15am: Walk my son to school.
    -7.45am: Have your breakfast and take some rest.
    -8.30-9.00am: clean up the kitchen 



  • Speak clearly and a little slower as: 1. the candidate’s level of English may not be as good (since English is not a first language in their countries typically); 2. The internet connection may be bad.
  • Avoid using sophisticated vocabulary or “big words” as the candidates may not understand.
  •  To ensure that the candidate understands, it is recommended to ask her to repeat/share with us how and what she understands about a particular requirement or aspect of the job (more commonly used in for important requirements)
  • Observe the candidate’s responses – verbal and non verbal cues.