Infant Care Maids in Singapore

Why Infant Care Maids?
In Singapore, it is common to have both working parents. What happens after your confinement nanny has left? And what happens after your maternity leave is over and you need to return to the office? These are are some very real concerns that mothers usually have. Putting your baby to infant care is an option, however some parents are not very comfortable with the idea for some reasons. As such, hiring a maid for infant care is an solution that many parents would embrace.

Infant Care – What We can do for you?

With an infant, newborn baby or toddler, you would most likely require a nanny or maid to assist you in the daily activities such as bathing, feeding, changing diapers and watching over your child. At GM Connection, we understand your needs. Therefore, to cater to your needs, we have worked with our overseas partners to provide domestic helpers who are specially trained in infant care at our partner training facilities.

infant care training for maids
Maids undergoing infant care training (practical lessons) – GM Connection

Commonly asked questions About Infant Care Maids in Singapore

I already have a maid, can I employ an additional maid to take care of my infant/child?

you have any of these family members living with you, you are eligible to hire a second migrant domestic worker (MDW):
A. At least 2 children (below the age of 18 years old)
B. A parent or parent-in-law over the age of 60 years old

For more information, kindly refer to MOM website.

Can I bring my maid to my mother/mother-in-law’s house to take care of my child at her place?

You will need to make a notify and formal declaration to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) before you can proceed with such an arrangement. Do take note that you will need to ensure that all of the following are met:
1. Obtain your helper’s written agreement to take care of your child at your parent or parent-in-law’s home
2. Your maid does not perform the full load of housework in both yours and your parent/parent-in-law’s homes.
3. If your helper is required to stay overnight to take care of your child at your parent/parent-in-law’s place, her accommodations must meet the requirements as stipulated by the ministry.

Compliance is necessary as MOM takes a serious view on this matter and care must be taken to ensure that there is no breaches on any of the stipulated conditions.

For more information, kindly refer to MOM website here.