I am an expat relocating how do I transfer my helper


I am an expat in Singapore and will be leaving or relocating. How can I transfer my current maid?

For expatriates who are currently in Singapore, most would relocate after some years (unless you are looking to migrate here permanently). As such, if that were to occur, apart from taking care of your relocation matters, you would also need to look into your foreign domestic worker (FDW).

What are my options?

Generally, you have three options:

  1. Send your helper home
  2. Transfer her to a new employer
  3. Take her with you to the country that you will be relocating to

Before making a decision, you are strongly encouraged to discuss with your helper and reach a mutual agreement to whatever the decision it may be. Let us now delve deeper into the 3 available options

Option 1: Send your helper home

This is perhaps the most straightforward option of the three available. 

Should your helper decide that with your departure, she would also like to return home, then you are just required to buy an air ticket, cancel her work permit (and give her the special pass) and send her home. Do remember to settle all outstanding matters (e.g. unpaid salary).

Option 2: Transfer her to a new employer

In this option, you are allowing her to seek re-employment with another family. This is a popular option amongst FDW and employers. Especially in cases where the maids still wants to work (mostly because they still have their family/financial obligations). On your end, one of the benefits apart from allowing your helper to seek an alternative employment would be that you can save on the flight tickets required (option 1).

If this option is selected, usually the helper will approach an employment agency (often, a recommended maid agency by their friends). The employment agency will usually handle the rest – sourcing for an employer, arranging interviews for your helper. A responsible maid agency will go the extra mile in this job matching by closely studying the skill sets of your helper and then matching it with the prospective employer’s requirements. 

On successfully matching your helper with an employer (this requires a mutual agreement between both the candidate and prospective employer), the employment agency will then inform and liaise with you on the joining/release date as well as signing of the Consent to Transfer form. 

Option 3: Take your helper with you to the country that you will be relocating to

While this is not a common option, we have come across employers who have done this in our years of experience as a maid agent.

Should the helper agree to follow you, then you will need to see that she has the necessary travel documents (e.g. Visas) and permits to lawfully work in the country that you will be relocating to. This is often a complex process and often requires liaising with the various countries’ embassies. 

We certainly hope that this article has provided you clarity on what you can do if you are an expat leaving and will like to transfer your maid or look at the options available for you.

If you have any queries, do feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, Email or simply drop us a call – we will be most happy to assist you.

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Expat relocating how to transfer helper

Expat relocating how to transfer helper