In this section, we aim to provide employers and prospective employers of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) with the essential knowledge and know-how on matters relating to maids.

We will cover on hot topics such as what to look out for when hiring a maid, how to look for a reliable maid agency in Singapore? Do I need to buy an insurance for my maid? How to select a maid a insurance?

The Dos and Dont’s in each of the sections in keeping a healthy working relationship with your helper will also be touched on here.

By equipping employers with this knowledge, we hope that the employer-employee relationship will be a smooth one. Ultimately, as a maid agency, what warms our hearts most are the joy that we are able to provide to our FDWs and clients with successful placements.

We are happy to be the go-to and recommended maid agency of choice for employers. As a reliable maid agency in Singapore, you can count on us to conduct our due diligence and job matches professionally and meticulously so that you can spend more time doing things that you love.

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