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Employing a maid for your household

When choosing a maid for your household, there are a few key things to consider: Experience: Are you looking for someone with experience or you are willing to take time to train up the person? Do consider that the helper/Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) may come from a country where English is not their first language. As such, there is also a language barrier to overcome… Read More »Employing a maid for your household


Cancel Maid Work Permit

“When should I cancel my maid’s Work Permit?” “My maid will be transferring to another employer, should I cancel her work permit?” “Do I need to send the work permit card back to MOM?” In this article, we will look to providing answers and shed light to the above questions relating to the cancellation of your maid’s work permit. When Should I Cancel my maid… Read More »Cancel Maid Work Permit

maid wants to send money home

Money Remittance at Peninsula Plaza

“My maid wants to send money home, where can she do so?” “I want to send money to Myanmar, which shop I can go in Peninsula Plaza?” “What are some money remittance companies in Peninsula Plaza that my maid can send money home?” These are some very common questions that we get from employers and Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) pretty frequently. This article aims to… Read More »Money Remittance at Peninsula Plaza


FDW 6 Monthly Medical Examination

Have a question on the FDW 6 Monthly Medical Examination (6ME)? Read on to find out what you need to know regarding the FDW 6 Monthly Medical Examination.  Is it mandatory? It is a requirement for employers to send their foreign domestic workers (FDW) for a medical screening every 6 months. Why is it so often? We often get questions on the why the need… Read More »FDW 6 Monthly Medical Examination

repatriate maid to another country

Send Maid to Another Country

Can I Send maid to another country? Send maid to another country legal? “Can I send my maid to another country other than her home country?” “My maid has requested for me to send her to (name of country), can I do that? Will I be in trouble?” Though such requests are not very common, but if you are faced with such a question, you… Read More »Send Maid to Another Country

FDW repatriation

Sending Maid Home

SEND MAID HOME. SEND MAID HOME. On completion of contract, either of three things can happen: 1. Your maid decides to renew her contract with you. 2. Your maid would like to change employment i.e. transfer to another employer 3. She will like to return home. As the title suggests, this article focuses on what you need to do as FDW employer if your maid… Read More »Sending Maid Home

maid work permit card

New Work Permit Card (FDW)

New Work Permit Cards From 24 August 2020, there will be a new version of the Work Permit Cards for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) issued by the Ministry of Manpower to FDWs who are new to Singapore or FDW who have changed employers (Transfer FDWs). In this latest update, the new Work Permit Cards will not feature the employer’s details i.e. name or address. However,… Read More »New Work Permit Card (FDW)

early termination fdw employer

Early Termination of Contract

“My maid wants to leave before her contract ends – what can I do?” “Can my maid quit before the 2 year contract period?” “My FDW wants to go home, but her 2 years contract is not up yet – is this allowed?” In this article, we will address these questions and hopefully provide you with greater clarity on any doubts that you may have.… Read More »Early Termination of Contract

what to do if maid WP card is lost

Maid Work Permit Card is Lost

My maid lost her work permit card, my maid’s work permit card is missing, what should I do? Calm down. At this point, we believe that you have searched the obvious places to come to a decision that the your maid work permit card is lost. Well, before you conclude that your FDW’s work permit card is lost, you may like to take these steps… Read More »Maid Work Permit Card is Lost

must off day be on Sunday

Maid Off Day

This article aims to address questions that employers may have when it comes to off day for their domestic helpers. Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact us. Is it mandatory to give my maid off day? Your foreign domestic worker (FDW) is entitled to a weekly rest day (for FDWs whose work permits are issued or renewed after 01 January 2013) as gazetted by… Read More »Maid Off Day

open bank account for FDW

FDW Bank Account

As of 1st January 2019, employers are no longer allowed to safekeep money for  Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW). If found guilty, they can face a maximum penalty of $10,000 fine and 12 months’ jail term. Find out more here. -The reason for this is to minimise disputes arising from FDW and their employers. -Find out more about this new Work Permit Condition by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).… Read More »FDW Bank Account

FDW Biodata

When looking to employ a maid, the FDW biodata is one of the first documents that you will encounter. The FDW biodata is analogous to the profile, resume or CV of the helper candidate. It contains plenty of information  on the candidate that you are considering. As such, it pays to study and understand it well. From the standpoint of a professional maid agency, we… Read More »FDW Biodata

Maid employment history

FDW Employment History

The Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) employment history is an important document to look at when looking to employ a helper. In fact, it is mandatory for your maid agency / employment agency to share this important piece of information to you. As an employment agency, this is one of the first things that we study and scrutinise before deciding to accept a candidate – that is… Read More »FDW Employment History

what to do if my maid runs away

What to do if my Maid Runs Away

It is definitely worrying to for an employer to discover that his/her maid is nowhere to be found. Especially with the strict laws in Singapore and the $5000 security bond at stake, amongst other concerns. While you are not able to control the act of your maid running away, it is always good to be prepared and have the knowledge on what can be done… Read More »What to do if my Maid Runs Away

Hiring maid in Singapore

First Time Employing a Maid?

If this is your first time employing a maid, it must have been quite a tiring process (and probably confusing too) to try and find out, sort through and make sense of the huge amount of information.  In this article, we have carefully summarised and picked out the key information that you need to know regarding hiring a maid in Singapore. It provides what you… Read More »First Time Employing a Maid?