At GM Connection, we pride ourselves on being a Professional Maid Agency in Singapore. We believe that every client is unique with different requirements. As such, we strive to understand you and your family requirements and specially select and match candidates based on your needs.


To better the lives of our clients and all those who engage our services, one person at a time through successful job matching. 


As an organisation, we firmly believe in being professional, fair, compassionate and having a strong sense of integrity. These form the fundamentals on how we conduct our business and approach our clients and business partners.

The GM Difference

We deliver our promises.
Yes, that is what sets us apart.

And how do we do that?

Our Core Values outlines the holistic approach that we conduct our business of connecting people;
Each candidate is individually interviewed and assessed – to ensure that we know the candidate’s strengths and abilities
before we are able to match them to individual households. We are truly sincere in helping employers find a good fit for
their households. We are doing what any good maid agency would do – Care for their clients. Most of all, we stay true to our identity as a Professional Maid Agency in Singapore.

We are a Ministry of Manpower Licensed Maid Agency in Singapore

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