Cancel Maid Work Permit


“When should I cancel my maid’s Work Permit?”

“My maid will be transferring to another employer, should I cancel her work permit?”

“Do I need to send the work permit card back to MOM?”

In this article, we will look to providing answers and shed light to the above questions relating to the cancellation of your maid’s work permit.

When Should I Cancel my maid Work Permit?

You must cancel the Work permit within 1 week after the last day of work of your foreign domestic worker (FDW) or 1 day after the expiring of the work permit card – depending on which comes first.

How do I cancel the Work Permit?

Here’s a step-by-step on how you can proceed to cancel your helper’s work permit

  1. Log on to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website.
  2. Under Popular eServices, select Work permit transactions for domestic helpers and confinement nannies
  3. Log in using your SingPass
  4. Upon logging in, you should see details of your FDW(s). On the right panel, there is a Cancel Work Permit button
  5. Proceed to click on the button and follow the onscreen instructions to fill out the required information.

Alternatively, if you are not sure and is worried to make a mistake, you may approach an employment agency to do the cancellation on your behalf. *The Employer, sponsor or Employment Agency is able to  cancel the helper’s work permit

How long does the Cancellation take?

Cancellation is immediate. And your levy stops 1 day before cancellation of the work permit i.e. Levy will be charged until 1 day before the cancellation.

Do I need to return the work permit card back to MOM after it has been cancelled?

No, you do not need to mail back the work permit card to MOM after it has been cancelled.

Instead, cut the card into half to prevent any misuse.

*Previously, on cancellation of the work permit, it was required to return the work permit card back to MOM by mail.

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