Send Maid to Another Country

repatriate maid to another country

Can I Send maid to another country? Send maid to another country legal?

“Can I send my maid to another country other than her home country?”

“My maid has requested for me to send her to (name of country), can I do that? Will I be in trouble?”

Though such requests are not very common, but if you are faced with such a question, you would no doubt want to be sure of things.

In short, the answer to both questions above is yes, you can send your maid to another country that is not her home country. However, do take note, that this must be mutually agreed between you and your maid.

Also, should you repatriate your FDW to another destination other than her home country, you are required to inform MOM of this arrangement. This can be done when you are doing the cancellation of her work permit.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Ensure that your FDW has the necessary Visa to enter the other country (if needed)
  • It is recommended that you document this arrangement to avoid any potential dispute and to protect yourself.
  • Ensure that her travel documents e.g. Passport meets the minimum validity period
  • Encourage your helper to be open with you about her plans (e.g. renew or return on ending contract), so that you can also make the necessary plans for yourself/family.
  •  Your security bond will only be discharge after she departs Singapore.


Ministry of Manpower

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