Sending Maid Home

FDW repatriation


On completion of contract, either of three things can happen:

1. Your maid decides to renew her contract with you.

2. Your maid would like to change employment i.e. transfer to another employer

3. She will like to return home.

As the title suggests, this article focuses on what you need to do as FDW employer if your maid contract ends and answers all questions related to sending your maid home. 

For renewal and transfers, it will be covered in separate articles.

What you need to do?

As FDW employer, before sending your maid home, you will need to ensure that she has:
1. A valid passport (if her passport has expired, do ensure that it is renewed)

2. Purchase a direct air ticket to the international port of her home country, closest to her hometown. (Note: apart from the air ticket, do also ensure that she has sufficient check-in baggage for her belongings too)

3. Ensure no outstanding issues (e.g. FDW Salary)

*In the event there are no direct flights and a transit is required, do give a reasonable allowance for your maid so that she is able to sustain herself during the transit period. Discuss with her on the transit arrangements and allowance before purchasing the flight tickets.

*Upon cancelling her work permit, she must depart Singapore within 2 weeks. 

Tips and guidelines

  • Have an open discussion with your helper – ask her for her intentions: if she intends to return for a short period or an extended period etc. If it is the former, the both of you may consider renewing the contract.
  • It may be beneficial to book the air tickets in advance, as some airlines have a discount for early bookings (however, do keep in mind the risks of early bookings too).
  • Remember to check for the validity of her passport much further in advance e.g. 8 or 12 months before the end of contract
  • If you require your current helper to handover her duties to the incoming helper, you may request for a handover period.
  • If your helper is going back for good and you have been paying her salary directly via bank transfer,  do remind her to withdraw all her cash before departing Singapore.
  • Remember to collect her Work Permit Card and mail it back to MOM.

Ministry of Manpower

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