Early Termination of Contract

early termination fdw employer

“My maid wants to leave before her contract ends – what can I do?”

“Can my maid quit before the 2 year contract period?”

“My FDW wants to go home, but her 2 years contract is not up yet – is this allowed?”

In this article, we will address these questions and hopefully provide you with greater clarity on any doubts that you may have.

Is this Allowed?

Yes, it is allowed; Employees (local or foreign) can choose to terminate their contract at any time, so long the required notice as stated in their employment contract is served. Alternatively, make payment in lieu of notice. 

The purpose of this is to provide flexibility for both employer and Foreign Domestic Worker (FDWs), should either party want to end a contract prematurely. Do look at the termination clauses  in the Employment Contract Between Foreign Domestic Worker and Foreign Domestic Worker Employer.

This should be provided by your maid agency as part of the documents set.

Tips, Thoughts and Views

While it may not be the fault of anyone when it comes to early termination of contracts. In our view, we would encourage employers and FDWs alike to do their best to keep a good working relationship; it is always good to keep good employees and keep turnover rate low.

One of the most obvious benefits of a low turnover rate will be the financial costs required in hiring a replacement helper. The other intangible costs are things like time it takes to train a new FDW. Be it experienced maid or new-to-Singapore maids, anyone joining a new environment will usually need to take some time to familiarise with their new environment. On top of that, if the job of the helper is to take care of kids, then include the time it takes to re-create that bond.  

In the event where your helper has decided to prematurely end her contract, we strongly recommend sitting her down and speaking to her – seek to understand if there are any issues that she is facing and hopefully be able to resolve it.

However, if despite all efforts and she still wants to leave, then do make sure that you are aware of your duties as FDW employer such as paying her salary before she leaves etc.


Ministry of Manpower

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