Maid Work Permit Card is Lost

what to do if maid WP card is lost

My maid lost her work permit card, my maid’s work permit card is missing, what should I do?

Calm down. At this point, we believe that you have searched the obvious places to come to a decision that the your maid work permit card is lost. Well, before you conclude that your FDW’s work permit card is lost, you may like to take these steps and hopefully be able to recover the work permit card 

Try to recall where was the work permit card last seen or used at

Though this step seem quite intuitive, it is often overlooked by most people before they start turning their sofas and cabinets upside down in a bid to find the lost item.

It pays to actually keep calm, ask your maid guiding questions such as:
-When did you last use your work permit card?
-Who were you with when you used your work permit card?
-Where were you when you used the card?

You may be surprised with how these simple questions may actually help you locate the missing work permit card!

Obvious Places to search

Let’s start with the obvious places – you may check them off your list of searched places before you move on to the next section (we sincerely hope that you can end your search here!)

-Bags (especially if she recently purchased a new bag – may just transferred the belongings over and forgot about it)
-Your kid’s school bag (if she fetches/brings your kids to school); she may have just conveniently left it in there to help out with some load
-Your maid’s room
-Grocery shopping bags (perhaps she was carrying too many items after her grocery run at NTUC Fairprice or Sheng Siong and put her items in one of the bags)


Less Obvious Places

-Check that it is not stuck between two cards
-Clothes pocket
-In between books that she was reading
-Children’s toys
-Behind her phone case
-In between letters (put it all together while opening the mailbox for you)

Still unable to find the Work Permit Card?

 After much effort and attempt to find the card, you conclude that it is missing. “So what should I 
 do now” you ask.

 Here’s what can be interpreted of a missing card:
 it could either be misplaced, stolen or lost. For each cause, there is a different action to take. 

 Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

  • Apply for Replacement within one week.
    *For stolen card: File a police report
    *Card lost overseas: Inform MOM immediately. A letter will be issued to allow your helper to enter Singapore (especially for cases where helper goes on Home Leave)
  • Application for a replacement card can be done by Employer or appointed Employment Agency
  • Fees and charges:
    First Loss – $100
    Subsequent Losses: $300

 Collection of Replacement Work Permit Card

 Bring along these documents for the visit:

  • Helper’s original passport.
  • Card replacement letter.
  • The damaged card (if applicable).
  • Completed declaration form (for lost or stolen cards).
  • Police report (for stolen cards).
    Note: Overseas police reports should be translated into English.

 If the card was lost or stolen, your helper must collect it in person.

 How and where to apply for Replacement Card? (Click here to find out more)

 References: Ministry of Manpower

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