Maid Off Day

must off day be on Sunday

This article aims to address questions that employers may have when it comes to off day for their domestic helpers.

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Is it mandatory to give my maid off day?

Your foreign domestic worker (FDW) is entitled to a weekly rest day (for FDWs whose work permits are issued or renewed after 01 January 2013) as gazetted by the ministry.

Can I ask my maid to work on her rest day?

Generally if you require your FDW to work on her rest day and if she mutually agrees to do so, then you must then either compensate her with:
1. At least one day’s wage, or
2. A replacement rest day taken within the month. 

Must the rest day be on Sunday?

The rest day can be on any day of the week, both mutually agreed between employer and FDW.

However, it is usually on Sundays for most helpers it is also the rest day for most employers and so they are able to take over the duties back from their helpers while their helpers go for their off days.

What are the off day timing for my maid?

There is no hard and fast rules on timing for off days. Ultimately it is an agreement between both employers and helpers. Though it is recommended for the number of hours out to be reasonable for your helper to feel recharged and refreshed.
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