FDW Bank Account

open bank account for FDW

As of 1st January 2019, employers are no longer allowed to safekeep money for  Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW). If found guilty, they can face a maximum penalty of $10,000 fine and 12 months’ jail term. Find out more here.
-The reason for this is to minimise disputes arising from FDW and their employers.
-Find out more about this new Work Permit Condition by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

As such, to avert this issue, it is encouraged for employers to open a bank account for FDWs. 

However, this has led to much confusion amongst employers and questions such as:
Is it compulsory to open a bank account for my maid? Should I open a bank account for my maid?

This article aims to address these questions that FDW employers may have pertaining to opening of bank accounts for their helper.

Is it Mandatory to Open a Bank Account for my maid?

No, it is not mandatory to open a bank account for your maid. Much still depends on how your helper would like to receive her salary.


Trackable: Online transfer of salaries are easily trackable with transaction histories recorded. This helps to safeguard employer and helpers and helps minimise potential disputes.

Efficient and Accurate: With bank transfer of salary, employers no longer need to queue at ATM to draw the cash. In addition, exact amount to the cent can be paid too!

On Time Payments: Automatic transfers can be scheduled at a fixed date each month – 


Easy & $0 Remittance: FDWs can send money easily via online transfer to their home country banks. Transfer via DBS Remit is free too! 

Accessible: ATMs are available islandwide, all you need is an ATM Card to withdraw your cash.

Safe & Cashless Payments: With your cash safe at the bank, you can still use it via NETs payment. You can also use the same card with EZ-Link functions for your public transport (bus and MRT) rides.

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