FDW Biodata

When looking to employ a maid, the FDW biodata is one of the first documents that you will encounter.

The FDW biodata is analogous to the profile, resume or CV of the helper candidate. It contains plenty of information  on the candidate that you are considering. As such, it pays to study and understand it well.

From the standpoint of a professional maid agency, we will highlight some key areas that FDW employers and prospective employers should look out for. The FDW biodata comprises primarily of at least 4 pages (based on the prescribed format by the ministry). We will highlight the essential areas to look at for each of the pages.


The first part of this page primarily provides the personal particulars of the FDW such as her:
-Full Name
-Height and Weight
-Martial Status
-Number of Siblings
-Number of children & ages (if applicable)
-Place of Birth, Nationality

In the second part, it lists if the foreign domestic worker has any allergies, dietary restrictions, declaration of health and illness history.

What to Look out for?
For most employers, it may be good to look out if the maid that you wish to employ has any dietary restrictions and allergies. Make sure that if you employ her, you are clear and agreeable on her dietary restrictions and are aware of any allergies.


This page lists the number of rest days required by the candidate and also the experiences and skills of the candidate.

What to Look out for?
In this page, do pay attention to the experiences and skills of the helper. If you are looking to hire someone for child care, elder care or to take care of persons with disability, you would likely want someone with the relevant skill sets and/or experience.

It also lists the maid’s language abilities and ability to cook.


The top portion of this page is similar to page 2, just that it should be filled up by the overseas maid agency (as compared to page 2, which is to be filled up by your maid agency in Singapore). 

Close to the bottom of the page will lists the employment history of the FDW.

What to Look out for?
In this page, do look out for details of her previous employments. Check and ensure that the experiences, type of family that the candidate is close to what your family dynamics are. 

Additional Note: You may also wish to compare and ensure that the start and end dates of employment coincide with the official dates listed in the FDW Employment History

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You may also check on the FDW Employment History on your end. Visit MOM Website here to find out how.


In this final page of the FDW Biodata, it lists the additional remarks and also remarks from previous employers as well as a signature column for all parties to declare that the information is true and accurate.

What to Look out for?
Pay attention to any feedback or remarks left behind by previous employers. Usually, it will not be there, and should there be a feedback, it will prompt when we are putting in the work permit application. Although it is required for employment agencies to inform prospective employers of any feedback from previous employers, most do not. However, as a responsible maid agency, we do not condone this act and always inform our clients of any feedback. In more drastic cases, we will drop the candidate. 

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is provided to the best of our knowledge and years of experience in the industry. GM Connection Pte Ltd and its staff disclaims any liability and shall not be held responsible in any way in connection with the use of the information provided.