FDW Employment History

Maid employment history

The Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) employment history is an important document to look at when looking to employ a helper. In fact, it is mandatory for your maid agency / employment agency to share this important piece of information to you. As an employment agency, this is one of the first things that we study and scrutinise before deciding to accept a candidate – that is an important step in our due dilligence as we pride ourselves on being a professional. responsible and reliable maid agency in Singapore. 

So, what are some things to look out for when you look at the FDW Employment History (also known as Employment History of Work Permit Holder)? This articles highlights what you as a prospective employer will need to look out for and shares how to make sense of this document.


   What We Look out For?

     Let’s begin on what we look out for (from a maid agency’s perspective).

  1. Good Track Record 

    Generally, one of the first things that we look out for when deciding to accept a candidate is her track record. Usually a helper who has worked for a considerable period for one employer (i.e. 4 years, 5 years or more with one employer) gives us a good impression.

    However, such candidates are limited. As such, the next best that we look out for are completion of contracts (i.e. 2 years with each employer). The completion of contract with employers is significant as it speaks volume – that the helper knows her obligations. It can also tell if she has perseverance and tenacity especially if it was a previously tough employment/job that she was doing.

    As a prospective employer looking at FDW employment history like these, you can be more assured that the maid you are employing will likely fulfill her obligations too.

  2. Incomplete Contracts

    For candidates who have incomplete or broken contracts, it is usually something that we also pay attention to. Often, it does not give us much confidence. This is especially the case for those with many broken records in their employment histories, which is usually a red flag.

    However, it is not always the case that we will proceed to just dismiss such candidates – it is all on a case-to-case basis. The reason being, it could well be a legitimate case, depending on what the FDW’s job role was/were e.g. if her jobs were essentially as a caregiver providing care for elderly or terminally ill patients, then it could well be that the patients has passed on and her services are no longer required and hence the broken records.

  3. Gaps in Employment

    So the helper that you are looking to hire has previously taken care of infants and exactly what you are looking for. Good! But, before you go ahead and sign her up, do watch out and check for gaps in employment as it could mean that her knowledge/skills may require some refreshing.

Apart from the FDW Employment History (aka Employment History of Work Permit Holder), you should also look at her Biodata and conduct an interview with her to better understand her. 

In the event that your maid agency did not provide you with the FDW Employment History, you can also access it here.


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