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At GM Connection, we pride ourselves on being a Professional Maid Agency. We believe that each client is unique with different requirements. As such, we strive to understand you and your family’s requirements and specially select and match candidates based on your needs. Find out More

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in Singapore

As a maid agency in Singapore, we are aware of the cultural diversity in the city. Therefore, we have established strong partnerships overseas to provide you with maids from the different regions to suit your household preferences and to meet your needs. Our candidates are from Myanmar, Philippines, India and Indonesia. We are happy to be the go-to and recommended maid agency of choice for employers. As a reliable maid agency in Singapore, you can count on us to conduct our due diligence and job matches professionally and meticulously so that you can spend more time doing things that you love.



  • Consultation and Job Matching (New-to-Singapore, Experienced and Transfer maids)
  • Work Permit Application, Issuance and Cancellation
  • Direct Hire Processing 
  • Settling-in-Programme (SIP
  • Arrange for Medical Screening and Examination
  • FDW/Maid Insurance
  • Counselling services to foster a good working relationship
  • Repatriation Services

What Our

Clients Say

Glen has been of a great help to me. This is the first time I am employing a helper and he helps guide me along all the way. He prepares all the documents and also guided me in selecting a suitable helper. All thanks to him the process is less painful & almost seamless.

Linda Chow

Thank you for being so professional
and concise with what you do! Thank you for your service and we will definitely recommend you to anyone ​who needs your service!

Adna Chan

Haolai is working out very well especially with my mum has fallen ill recently, Haolai has been a great help

Lee K N

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